Prison treatment recommendation for sex offender

June 28, 2017 | By More

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A 21-year-old sex offender with “complex psychological needs” has been sent to prison because the treatment options are limited.

The jail term imposed on Steve Jason Pratley was too short for him to do the Kia Marama programme for sex offenders in prison.

Christchurch District Court Judge David Saunders also said he believed Pratley would not be seen as qualifying for urgent assistance.

He recommended that the prison authorities arrange for Pratley to continue to receive counselling and some programmes related to his offending during his time in custody.

He jailed Pratley for 15 months with special conditions to continue with treatment and counselling as directed by Community Probation after his release.

He refused an application by defence counsel Josh Lucas to have home detention considered during the sentence if a suitable address became available.

Mr Lucas said a rehabilitative sentence had been considered for Pratley, while he was on bail, but since then he had ended up in custody because of a bail breach. He believed treatment prospects were now “stuck”.

“This man has complex needs, which need to be addressed in rehabilitation,” he said.

Sending him to jail could result in him being released on parole for a time before he could get into a STOP programme for sex offenders, he said.

Pratley had admitted charges of indecent assault, doing an indecent act to insult or offend, and criminal harassment.

The court was told that outside a Christchurch restaurant, he approached a woman he knew and tried to kiss her and push his body against her. She pushed him away. Inside the restaurant he put his hand underneath her dress as they sat at a table.

While he was on bail on that indecent assault charge, a 67-year-old woman saw him staring at her over a fence, and then masturbating while he stood naked on top of his bed, at his address, with the lights on. Police said Pratley’s actions caused the woman to fear for her safety.

Judge Saunders delivered a first strike warning under the system that imposes heavier sentences on repeat offenders.

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