Two accused of rape of drunk teen

September 25, 2017 | By More

Two men have gone on trial for the alleged rape and sexual violation of a drunk 17-year-old girl at New Brighton in December 2013.

In the Christchurch District Court, Parampreet Singh, 27, denied two rape charges and one charge of sexual violation, and Amritpal Singh, 25, denied one charge of rape, and two charges of sexual violation of the teenager. The two men are not related.

Crown prosecutor Deidre Orchard told Judge David Saunders and the jury that the victim met Parampreet Singh on the social media site Tagged on December 21.

The two chatted online, and on December 23 Parampreet invited her to go out drinking with him. She told him she was too young for a bar, so they agreed to go to the beach.

When Parampreet picked her up there was another person in the car, Mrs Orchard said, but he was not introduced to her. She also only knew Parampreet by his online name of Johnny.

When they arrived at the New Brighton beach Parampreet gave the girl a vodka and orange to drink. Next she was given a much stronger one and encouraged to drink it quickly. The last drink was straight vodka which she was also encouraged to drink fast.

Mrs Orchard said Amritpal was going to and fro from the car, and Parampreet joined the girl in the back seat and started undressing her. She tried to stop him but he stripped her naked and had sex with her.

She said she felt as if she was underwater, and couldn’t move or take things in properly.

Parampreet got her out of the car, dressed her and took her up the steps and onto the roof of the New Brighton surf club.

Amritpal was up there waiting with his pants down, and her clothes were removed again. The two men had turns having sex with her, and sexually violating her.

She told police she lay there like a plank, then rolled away to vomit. They gave her a break, then rolled her back and resumed violating her, Mrs Orchard said.

When they finished they dressed her without her pants and bra, and dropped her at the end of her street, where she called for help to let her in her boarding house. She passed out, and the next day she made her complaint to the police.

Mrs Orchard said the text records of the two defendants acknowledged that they might be in trouble, and when one suggested they contact the girl, the other said not to as she would ask for her underwear, and then remember everything.

Parampreet told police the girl had asked for a threesome, and she was not drunk, and Amrit said he was told she wanted sex, Mrs Orchard said.

The trial is continuing.

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