Mental health assessment for Dunedin shooter

October 3, 2017 | By More

A 63-year-old man who fired 20 rounds into the walls of two bedrooms was sentenced to three months’ prison, so he will be released almost immediately and taken to a mental health facility to be assessed.

In the Christchurch District Court, defence counsel for David Ross Cramond, Andrew McKenzie, said Cramond lost his way, discharged the gun in his Dunedin house, then left his firearms there and came to Christchurch.

Cramond was a licenced firearms holder, but did not want to own firearms again, and did not want to return to Dunedin, he said.

Judge Jane Farish said Cramond was on anti-psychotic medication, and her concern was that if he stayed in Christchurch he would be a high risk of becoming seriously unwell, as he had no support here.

The psychiatric nurse in court, Sean Green, said when Cramond was released section 45 of the mental health act would apply, and he would be transferred to a facility to have his level of care assessed, and some support systems would be worked out for him.

Judge Farish said Cramond was a first offender, and on August 9, 2017 he discharged 20 rounds of ammunition in his house. He said he was angry because someone had stolen some money from him, and he had come off his medication as it did not agree with him. He came to Christchurch, and was found by police at a motel.

She said the firearms had been seized by the police and would be sold on his behalf.

There was no risk to himself or other persons, she said, and he didn’t intend to cause any harm, but it was reckless.

Cramond had stabilised on medication in the prison, and had served the equivalent of three months.

Police said they found eight firearms, some loaded, and a substantial amount of ammunition when they searched the house in Evans Street, Opoho.

The rounds penetrated the internal walls of two bedrooms and a window. They damaged foliage in Cramond’s yard, ripping bark from trees, and damaged a raised garden bed at a neighbouring property.

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