Armed home invasion admitted

October 23, 2017 | By More

A man has admitted the home invasion of an address in Templeton where he pointed what appeared to be a firearm at his victims and demanded money.

Shaun Francis Whittaker, a 41-year-old mechanic, entered the address on September 3 and pointed the weapon at the occupants, shouting for money. He went in their laundry and the woman victim started calling 111 on her phone. Whittaker saw her, and shoved her causing her to drop the phone.

The male victim said they didn’t have any money, so Whittaker took a bullet from his pocket and told them he would shoot them.

When the male victim tried to push him out of the door Whittaker stabbed his hand with a screwdriver, and grabbed his phone out of his hand.

He left the address with the phone in a holder which contained $30 in cash and four bank cards.

Whittaker tried to use a debit card at a bar but was unsuccessful. He later used one at a Caltex service station using the pay-wave function and bought two packets of cigarettes. Two other attempts at a Z Station also failed.

On September 5 Whittaker parked a car opposite Baillies Bar in Edgeware and took a crossbow from his boot. He pointed it at a victim sitting outside the bar, and yelled at him. He put the crossbow back in the boot, then ran at the victim and punched him.

In the Christchurch District Court, Whittaker pleaded guilty to aggravated robbery, possession of an offensive weapon, assault, and using the bank cards four times.

Sergeant Paul Scott told the court that the weapon Whittaker had in the home invasion was a round copper pipe with a brass fitting, representing a firearm.

Judge Tom Gilbert read Whittaker the first of the three strike warnings for repeat violent offenders and remanded him in custody to a Crown sentencing on January 24.


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