$4000 window-smashing rampage

November 2, 2017 | By More

Elliot Evan Hudson must pay nearly $4000 for the damage he did in his window-smashing rampage along Lincoln Road.

Twenty-eight-year-old Hudson told police who arrested him that “he was a battery and could only take so much negative energy before he exploded”, police said.

Defence counsel Rachel Wood said Hudson took full responsibility for his offending. He was homeless and sleeping on the street on August 28, and someone approached him and told him no-one cared about him, she said.

Hudson used synthetic cannabis, and was not stable at the time. His homelessness, drug use, and illness led to this event.

Ms Wood said it made Hudson feel sick when he read the victim impact reports and realised people were scared of him and his actions. He was willing to write letters of apology to them.

Judge David Saunders said he was sentencing Hudson on 15 charges of wilful damage, after guilty pleas in August. During the sentencing remand, police got information about the value of the damage.

He said there were signs Hudson was taking his medication responsibly now, and he knew synthetic cannabis could interfere with it.

He sentenced him to 12 months’ intensive supervision with regular judicial monitoring, 160 hours’ community work, and $3883 reparation.

The police summary of facts said Hudson broke four windows at Sullivan’s Pub, and one at North and South Gourmet where patrons were sitting on the other side but were not injured by broken glass.

He pulled a motorcycle off its stand causing minor damage, shattered the rear window of a car, and the front windscreen of another car. He picked up a pot plant and threw it into an open door way of Mosaic by Simo Restaurant, narrowly missing patrons, then picked up a chair and threw it at the window scratching it.

He broke a window in the front door of Addington Coffee Co-op, damaged the front windscreen, bonnet, and right-hand panel of a car, and the front windscreen and left-hand panel of another.

He damaged a rear windscreen of a car, then picked up a concrete brick and threw it into a window at Maxine’s Palace, and shattered a window at Addington Bakery.


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