Burglar-on-camera gets drug rehab sentence

November 3, 2017 | By More

A man caught on video by a householder leaving an Avonhead address he had just burgled will be allowed to serve home detention at Odyssey House.

Brendon James Smith, 44, was caught after the householder posted the video on social media.

It showed Smith walking to a waiting car, but when he was told he had been filmed on the property he dropped the bags of stolen items, and apologised to the owner.

Today in the Christchurch District Court Smith was re-sentenced on five burglary charges, one receiving charge, the new burglary, and an assault of a police officer in Westport.

Previously Smith had been sentenced on five burglary and one receiving charge to intensive supervision, and entered Odyssey House.

He left before completing the programme, and within three months was using alcohol and drugs again.

On March 28 he drunkenly assaulted a police officer in Westport.

On June 9 he burgled the house in Avonhead, and after appearing in the media, and on social media, he was found a day later.

Judge Jane Farish said the burglary was a spur of the moment offence, and Smith was affected by methamphetamine at the time.

Smith attended a restorative justice meeting with the victim, and Judge Farish said she accepted that he was remorseful for the offending.

She sentenced Smith to ten months’ home detention at Odyssey House with regular monitoring by herself, an emotional harm payment of $150 to the police officer, and reparation of $167.50 for the burglary.

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