Man has no memory of random assault

A 22-year-old man says he has no memory of walking up to a car in Marshland Road, shouting “Boo”, and punching a stranger in the face through an open window.
Danny James Cruickshank then wandered off along the middle of the road where cars had to veer to avoid hitting him, the Christchurch District Court was told today.
Defence counsel Kiran Paima said Cruickshank was diabetic and had not taken his medication. He was drunk, and could not remember the incident where he also resisted the police when they arrested him.
Judge Tony Couch sentenced him on one assault charge and one resisting police charge.
The victim told police Cruickshank yelled “Boo” at him, and punched him in the face with a closed fist. He got a bleeding nose but was otherwise unhurt.
Judge Couch said Cruickshank punched a complete stranger in the face for no reason, and sentenced Cruickshank to 100 hours community work and ordered a reparation payment of $300 to his victim.