Bail allowed for man who claimed he was God

Court House-Sept-2013-08Bail has been granted to a 20-year-old man who announced that he was God at his last court appearance, and he should be discharged from Hillmorton Hospital in the next few days.

The man had been bitten by a police dog when he arrested, and he was moving with difficulty when he first appeared in the Christchurch District Court on August 24.

He was back in court on remand today and his treatment at the hospital had progressed to where he could soon be discharged into the community from his compulsory inpatient treatment order.

The man, whose interim name suppression was continued today, would leave the hospital and live with his father near Christchurch.

The man was arrested after a member of the public allegedly saw a naked man acting suspiciously in an industrial yard at Hornby about 6am on August 23.

When a police dog tracked the man, who was dressed by then, the police allege he tried to hit the dog, poke its eyes, and break its legs.

He was remanded in custody without plea next day when he announced in court, “I am God.” The court now has a report from a forensic registrar, but the man has been remanded for a further report at the request of defence counsel Colin Eason. Police did not oppose the man’s rlease on bail.
Judge David Saunders granted bail for when the next clinical steps are completed, and the man was remanded without plea to appear in court on October 5.


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