Threatening, firearm charges denied

Aranui-101An Aranui man denies charges relating to an alleged armed confrontation over a loud stereo unit on Monday night.

The Eureka Street resident, Aaron David Young, was granted a registrar’s remand at the Christchurch District Court office without having to appear before a judge in court.

He had been charged after the police were called to the address of a party in Yarmouth Street about 10.45pm.

Police alleged a neighbour had presented a firearm at the occupants having the loud party when they would not turn the music volume down.

Young, 42, is charged with unlawful possession of a homemade rifle and ammunition, threatening to injure a man with intent to frighten him, and presenting the rifle at him.

He denied the charges and was remanded on bail for a case review on August 2. He has elected to be tried by a judge-alone.

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