Two in jail from slick ram-raid

It was a well planned and slickly executed ram raid that netted $50,000 goods from a Christchurch sports store in just three minutes.

The only part of the plan that went wrong was the bit about not getting caught.

Two of the three raiders were jailed in the Christchurch District Court today, but the third has never been identified.

The property snatched from the Anderson and Hill Sports store at Barrington Mall has also never been recovered.

On top of the clothing, shoes, and sports accessories grabbed from open displays at the store, the raiders did $15,000 damage, but Judge Tony Couch made no order for repayment.

Neither Joseph Senior, a 27-year-old digger operator, nor 30-year-old Matt Dylan Sinclair, have any way to pay back the $65,000.

Senior was jailed for three years and Sinclair was jailed for two years four months.

Two cars and three offenders were involved in the well planned and organised raid which took place about 2.50am on October 14.

A Nissan Bluebird car was driven through the glass frontage of the store, damaging the large glass sliding doors. A second car, a Subaru driven by Senior, was parked close to the front of the store.

Video shows that two or three men got out and gathered up clothing, shoes, and accessories from open displays in the store and loaded it into the two cars – a process that took only three minutes – before both cars were driven away.

The raiders were undone by a couple of details. Firstly, where they drove to unload the loot from the car was covered by a video camera and the police got access to it, and then fingerprints linked them to the ram-raid.

Senior was sentenced on 15 charges including burglary, receiving stolen property, stealing items including a laptop and radar detector from cars, dishonestly using a company’s order book which he had been given by an unknown person, unlawfully taking a $25,000 car, and driving while suspended.

Community Probation also prosecuted him for breaches of home detention and prison release conditions. He had pleaded guilty.

Defence counsel Paul Johnson said Senior had been willing to meet the victims of his offending at a restorative justice meeting, but they had declined the offer.

Judge Couch jailed Senior and disqualified him from driving for 15 months.

Defence counsel for Sinclair, Miranda Rout, asked for a reduction of his sentence that would allow him to attend a drug and alcohol rehabilitation course at Odyssey House.

Sinclair had written a letter expressing his remorse and explaining that he was now aware of the impact of his offending on the victims. “He is desperate to enter Odyssey House to undertake an extensive rehabilitation programme,” she said.

Judge Couch said he would not reduce the sentence any further for that reason, and ruled out home detention by jailing Sinclair for two years four months. Sinclair had admitted burglary and receiving stolen property.


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