Feelings running high for murder appearances

Feelings were running high for court appearances by  two men charged with the murder of 24-year-old Bradley Lomax, whose body was found on the Waimakariri riverbed a week ago.

Extra police were on duty in the main Christchurch District Court room for the brief appearances by the pair, but there were still brief verbal exchanges which led Judge Raoul Neave to shout for people to “Be quiet.”

The men were remanded in custody by Judge Raoul Neave for an appearance in the High Court on September 29.

When the 30-year-old from Mairehau appeared, defence counsel Josh Lucas asked for the remand and for interim name suppression. He said the police did not oppose the order being made because the investigation was continuing. He also said the man had not yet had a chance to tell his relatives what was happening.

Judge Neave made the order, which he said could be fully argued at the High Court appearance.

As the first man was led back into custody, a woman in the public seating said quietly: “May Bradley have justice on your soul.”

Judge Neave said: “Keep quiet or he won’t be the only one going through the door to the cells.”

The other man, Kasha William Gosset, a 35-year-old landscape gardener from Oxford, did not seek any suppression order.

“Why are you smiling?” asked a man in the public gallery when Gosset appeared.

The face-off and comments continued while he made his brief appearance, and police ushered people out of the public seats as soon as he was remanded.

Lomax, a member of the Rebels Motorcycle Club gang and the father of a boy, was found near Harrs Road, Swannanoa, by a group of four-wheel drivers on September 4.

Thirty detectives worked on the week-long investigation that led to the pair being arrested on the day when about 300 people attended Lomax’s funeral at St Columbus Anglican Church in Hornby.

The men entered no pleas to the joint charges of murdering Lomax at Kaiapoi on September 4.

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