Final sitting at historic court house

Family Court judges and former judges, lawyers, and court staff paid tribute to the historic Armagh Street court building at a final sitting ahead of the move to the new Justice and Emergency Service Precinct next week.

The gathering led by Judge Noel Walsh in the main courtroom at the 1881 building saw stories told of characters, escapes, raw emotions and sad, hard days in court.

The building has served as the Magistrates Court and District Court before becoming the Family Court House in 1999.

Judge Robert Murfitt acknowledged that the strengthening carried out on the building had kept it standing through the Canterbury earthquakes.

Lawyer Dominic Dravitzki said he saw the building’s tone as being “of serious significance” for the work that had been done there.

Some tribunals have already moved to the new Precinct in Lichfield Street, and the High Court and District Court will begin work there in the week of November 20.

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