Man scribbles his way into custody

A 26-year-old facing a lot of burglary and theft charges, picked the wrong day to get bored and creative in his holding cell at Christchurch’s sparkly new Justice Precinct.

He was applying for release on electronically monitored bail while the case waits for a Crown case review hearing in a couple of months’ time.

Court escort staff reported to the Crown that while waiting in custody for the hearing, he graffitied all around the holding cell.

Then the case was called before a Christchurch District Court judge and his argument for release was put forward by his lawyer.

The Crown opposed his release and the prosecutor told the judge: “Before he is released he is required downstairs for a few hours to clean up all the graffiti he’s done in his cell.”

“I don’t think I need to hear any more,” said the judge.

The man will become familiar with more cell walls over the coming months.

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