Christchurch woman admits online cheating

An online cheat is in custody awaiting sentencing after admitting a total of 19 charges.

Police have also hinted more charges may be laid against 23-year-old Jasmine Carole Lasseter, of Burwood.

Lasseter was already facing sentencing on February 1 on 10 charges when she appeared before a community magistrate in the Christchurch District Court today on nine fresh charges.

The charges are mainly obtaining money by deception, and her previous bail terms included a condition that she was not to access the Trademe website.

Since that remand, she is accused of having breached the bail condition. Seven of the new charges are alleged to have been committed while she was on bail.

Defence counsel Steve Hembrow said the offending related to the false sale of items online. The latest nine charges refer to her obtaining $2850 by deception, by this method.

Lasseter appeared distressed as the case was dealt with today. She applied for bail pending sentence but it was refused and she was remanded in custody.



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