Community detention for drive-by robbery

A teenager was sentenced to community detention for a drive-by robbery of four people in the early hours of the morning on January 23, 2017.

Chinyanta Mfwembe Chinyanta, 18, was driving three other people in a car which pulled to a stop ahead of four people walking down Fairview Street, Somerfield.

Chinyanta and a co-offender got out of the car holding a pellet gun, and a set of bolt cutters, which were used to intimidate the victims.

They were told to drop their valuables on the path, and the two teens left with their cell-phones and a speaker.

The co-offender was dealt with in the Youth Court, and was sentenced to a period of community work. He has tragically died since his sentencing, the court was told.

Defence counsel Ruth Buddicom said Chinyanta had a full time job, and now had a supportive team he worked with.

Judge Paul Kellar said he was also sentencing Chinyanta for an assault, breaching community work, and failing one of his bail conditions.

He said Chinyanta had a previous conviction for an assault where he received a sentence of community work and supervision. It was four days after that sentencing that this offending occurred.

He sentenced him to six months’ community detention with a curfew from 7pm to 5am so he could continue working.


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