Jail for robbing youths in park

A third man who held up three youths in a park in Queenspark in January 2016 has been jailed for more than three years.

Kereopa Hune, a 30-year-old scaffolder, was with Gordon Julian Herbert, 24, and Shayne Grant Kavanaugh, 26, in a stolen car, when they stopped at Parklands Reserve on Queenspark Drive and approached the boys.

One of the men held an imitation firearm, and demanded the youth’s jackets, bags, cell-phones, and eft-pos cards. The men threatened the boys, and they gave them their pass-codes for the phones, and their pin numbers.

Defence counsel Andrew McKenzie said Hune had improved mentally, health-wise, and spiritually while in prison, and was remorseful for the offending.

Judge Gary MacAskill said he was sentencing Hune for three charges of aggravated robbery and one of unlawfully getting into a car.

He said one of the victims said the men told them that if they went to the police they would be shot.

Hune’s pre-sentence report said Hune had an inability to stand up against bad decisions, but had done alcohol and drug programmes, and a literacy class, in prison. He was a high risk of re-offending, and a high risk of doing harm to others.

Judge MacAskill said Hune wanted to attend a restorative justice meeting with his victims but it did not go ahead.

He had a history of offending including thefts, burglaries, arson, dishonesty, and weapons charges.

The judge sentenced him to three years two months prison, with reparation of $1266 for the phones and clothing taken.

Herbert and Kavanaugh were sentenced in January 2017, but had more charges relating to other offending, than Hune.

Herbert was sentenced to seven years’ jail, and Kavanaugh was sentenced to 28 months’ jail.

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