Charges mount against online cheat

Online cheat Jasmine Carole Lasseter stood downcast in the dock while a judge went through all the charges mounting up against her, one by one.

With 34 charges now listed, the painful process took a very long time in the Christchurch District Court.

Lasseter, 23, has now admitted all of them including five new ones that arrived at court one day ahead of her scheduled sentencing today.

There had been more guilty pleas on January 17 when she was refused bail and remanded in custody for sentence. They were on top of guilty pleas that had been put in earlier still.

During preparation for the sentencing, Judge Alistair Garland realised that there were many more charges in the court file than he had been expecting, and one file relating to the complicated prosecution was still missing.

He went through the list in court with Lasseter standing in the dock, while the police prosecutor and defence counsel Trudi Aickin checked off the status of each charge, one by one.

The charges include driving while her licence was suspended, possession of drugs utensils, theft of a $3500 trailer, and then 31 charges of obtaining money by deception or dishonestly accessing a computer system.

An earlier hearing was told that she had committed the frauds by offering false items for sale online. Before her bail was revoked, she had a bail condition not to visit the Trademe online auction site. Seven charges alleged offending while she was on that bail condition.

She has admitted online frauds totalling $8854.

Judge Garland set aside the sentencing hearing and remanded Lasseter for a new sentencing session on all charges on April 20. He ordered a new pre-sentence report by a probation officer.

“There is an awful lot of water that has flowed under this bridge,” said the judge. “We are going to have to find out what the level of culpability is, going forward to another sentencing date.”

Lasseter is staying in custody.



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