‘Vigilante justice’ charges admitted

A man accused of carrying out vigilante justice over some schoolyard bullying has pleaded guilty to kidnap, assault, and sexual violation charges in the Christchurch District Court.

The 40-year-old has name suppression, and the ethnic community he belongs to is also suppressed.

Three brothers detained two victims, aged about 16, in June 2015 after concerns about schoolyard bullying.

The victim’s cell-phones were taken, but were recovered later by the police.

Two of the men have already been sentenced on charges of kidnapping, assault, and one of them also on a charge of theft. They were sentenced to six months’ community detention and community work.

Today the last brother admitted his charges of kidnapping the two youths, sexually violating and threatening to kill one of them, assault by punching one in the face and body, and injuring with intent to injure when he pulled a sleeper earring from one of the victim’s ears.

The sexual violation charge involves an allegation of pulling down the victim’s pants and poking his bottom during the assault.

Judge Raoul Neave read the man the first of the three strike warnings for repeat violent offenders, and remanded him on bail to sentencing on May 16. He ordered a pre-sentence report, and a report to consider a home detention sentence.

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