‘Exterminate’ threat to call centre staff

A 55-year-old man who threatened to “exterminate” a staff member at a call centre has been convicted and discharged at the Christchurch District Court.

Brendon Richard Arnold pleaded guilty to a charge of offensive or disturbing use of a telephone.

The incident took place over a bill that Arnold said he did not owe.

Police prosecutor David Rusbatch said the incident took place over a few minutes on November 29, when Arnold phoned the call centre.

He abused the call-taker and threatened to come into the workplace and “get” him. The call-taker tried to calm him before hanging up as the abuse continued.

Two minutes later, Arnold called again and another call-taker took the call. He demanded the full name and address of the call-taker in a threatening manner, before call-taker ended the call.

He called one minute later and spoke to a third call-taker, and repeatedly asked for the address of the business.

Mr Rusbatch said Arnold swore and threatened to “exterminate” the call-taker, who tried to calm him down and then ended the call.

Arnold told the police he was “uncontrollably angry about being harassed and he did not owe a debt”.

Judge Jane Farish granted the conviction and discharge.

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