Time added to long jail sentence

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A Christchurch judge has added four months to the 11-year six-month jail term that a 33-year-old Christchurch man is already serving for drug offences.

Reghardt Roux of Northcote pleaded guilty to a charge of importing 1217 millilitres of the class B drug gamma-butrolactone, which is known as GBL or liquid ecstasy.

Roux also faced drug offending in Auckland last year when he was sentenced in the High Court to 11 years 6 months for being involved as what the judge called “a catcher” for drug importation.

In the Christchurch District Court today, Judge Jane Farish said the sentencing judge described Roux as being “not high up the chain in terms of what was a reasonably sophisticated organisation”.

Roux was part of a group that pleaded guilty in Auckland to a variety of cocaine, meth, MDMA and GBL importation charges. Others received sentences ranging up to 18 years 6 months.

Roux’s lawyer, Kiran Paima, said Roux was appealing the long sentence and the hearing had been due to take place in the Court of Appeal tomorrow, but had now been delayed.

The GBL importation charge has remained in Christchurch even though the other charges were dealt with in Auckland. In the scheme, a Newmarket-based insurance firm was used as a “safe address” for incoming drugs packages.

The Customs Department’s Operation Spar led to 37 drug seizures totalling 5.6kg of methamphetamine, 7.7 litres of GBL, 1986 MDMA pills, and 31g of cocaine.

Customs seized consignments sent by mail and airfreight from June 2015 to April 2016.

Six packages were sent to the insurance company, and 31 packages were sent to Christchurch addresses.

Crown prosecutor Sean Mallett called for a cumulative sentence to be imposed on Roux, and Judge Farish agreed. She said this Christchurch offence had been committed while he was on bail for the Auckland charges.

She imposed a four-month cumulative jail term, which will be added to the long jail term.

The Court of Appeal hearing is expected to include all the jail sentences.

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