Liquidated companies owed $1.3m tax


A businessman who did not pay tax for his employees pleaded guilty to 44 charges totalling over a million dollars in the Christchurch District Court.

Libor Lasek, 47, admitted aiding and abetting Libor Interiors Ltd, Libor Living Ltd, Libor Ltd, and L Group Ltd in not paying the Inland Revenue Department PAYE payments to the department.

The businesses provided building and joinery services in the Christchurch construction industry, and were placed in liquidation in 2015 owing over two million dollars.

The companies failed to account for PAYE tax deductions, KiwiSaver employee deductions and contributions, student loan employer deductions, child support employer deductions and employer superannuation contributions.

The final amount the companies owed the Inland Revenue Department was $1,231,790.

Lasek had been reminded of his obligations on several occasions with statements of account, monthly letters, and warning letters from Inland Revenue outlining the overdue amounts.

In the same year the four companies were put in liquidation, Lasek was put in charge of Canterbury Joinery Ltd and failed to pay their taxes.

That company was placed into liquidation in 2017 owing Inland Revenue $132,882.

Judge Tom Gilbert remanded Lasek on bail for sentencing on April 18.



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