Jail for robbery of sex customer

A man who robbed a sex worker’s customer has been jailed for 17 months and ordered to pay back the $40 he took and spent at a dairy.

Liam Christopher Chubb, 25, says he has had a good time in prison on remand after synthetic cannabis sent his life spiralling out of control.

Defence counsel Steve Hembrow told sentencing Judge Paul Kellar that Chubb had begun using synthetic cannabis when it was being sold legally. He continued when it was banned.

“He got into a bad habit, and then he got out of work. He was living from day to day,” said Mr Hembrow at Chubb’s sentencing for aggravated robbery and three charges of failing to attend court while on bail.

About 6.30pm on January 12, Chubb was at an address where a woman had arranged to meet a client for commercial sexual services.

When she left the bedroom, Chubb went in with a younger offender who had his face covered by a bandanna and holding something inside his jacket to make the victim think he had a weapon.

The victim handed over a cellphone and wallet containing $200. The items were recovered except for $40 that Chubb spent at a dairy.

Mr Hembrow said Chubb was very different person from when he was first arrested. His life had been disorganised, and he had been unable to keep appointments at court or with his lawyer. That caused his bail breaches.

He had a good time in prison, with drug and alcohol courses, Mr Hembrow said. “He has resolved never to get back into drug use. He feels he has absolutely wasted a couple of years of his life.”

Judge Kellar said there was no suggestion Chubb had lured the customer to the house for a robbery. He accepted that Chubb had no knowledge of the other offender’s “weapon”. The other robber was dealt with in the Youth Court.

He noted Chubb had three previous convictions for assault and one for assault with intent to injure.

A home detention sentence had been considered but there was no address available, so he jailed Chubb for 17 months with an extra six months for special conditions when he must do rehabilitation courses as directed, and ordered him to pay back the remaining $40 to the victim.

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