Doctors injured in Christmas crash

A North New Brighton man smashed into a car containing four doctors when he ran a red light in Dunedin on Christmas Day.

Two of the doctors were knocked unconscious and three received serious concussion in the crash at 3.45pm at the intersection of Stuart and London Streets.

Philip Daryl McPherson, 45, admitted four charges of careless driving causing injury when he appeared before Judge Paul Kellar in the Christchurch District Court. The case had been transferred from Dunedin.

Police said that McPherson went through a red light at London Street as he drove along Stuart Street, crashing into station wagon and causing it to spin into a traffic pole.

The vehicle containing the four doctors was badly damaged.

Apart from the concussions, one doctor had to have surgery to remove glass fragments from his arm, and had injured knee ligaments.

Another had a broken left cheek bone and a gash inside her mouth needing stitches.

The fourth doctor had two broken ribs.

Three of the doctors who suffered concussion were off work for a month and then gradually returned to full time work.

McPherson told police he had not noticed the red traffic lights before driving through the intersection.

Judge Kellar remanded him for sentence on April 27, and asked for a pre-sentence report to be prepared, and an assessment of whether a restorative justice meeting between McPherson and the doctors could take place.



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