Dance school sex assault denied

A 52-year-old man denies sexually violating a woman while giving massages at a Christchurch dance school.

Tangapiri Teikamata entered his not guilty plea at a video-link appearance in the Christchurch District Court today, and his defence counsel Kerryn Beaton said he elected trial by jury.

The charge alleges the sexual assault took place in 2015, when police said he was giving massages at a dance school which has been granted interim suppression.

Teikamata was arrested and remanded in custody three weeks ago, when no bail application was made.

He applied for bail today and Judge Alistair Garland granted it, after considering the police opposition and submissions by Miss Beaton.

He remanded Teikamata to a Crown case review hearing on June 13 and imposed bail conditions that he must live at a specified address in Kirwee, not contact the victim nor the dance school, not go to the school, and he must surrender his passport.

The school has employed its own lawyer, Andrew Bailey, who would have made submissions today if there had been any move to lift the suppression order on the school.

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