Woman admits wanting to kill

A 20-year-old woman who was brandishing a kitchen knife when she chased three people for 200m along a Burwood street, told police that she wanted to kill them.

Sarah Leigh Storer, a cleaner, pleaded guilty in the Christchurch District Court to three charges of threatening to cause grievous bodily harm, as well as wilful damage and drink-driving.

Judge Tom Gilbert remanded her on bail for sentencing on July 4. He asked for a pre-sentence report to consider her suitability for home or community detention, and a possible restorative justice meeting with the three victims where she would have a chance to apologise.

Police prosecutor Steve Burdes said the incident happened late on December 29 when the group were all drinking at one of the victims’ homes in Parnwell Street, Burwood.

A dispute arose when Storer left the house for a short time, and the house’s door was locked to prevent her coming back.

She banged on the door, but was told to leave several times. She climbed through an open window at the back and was then told to leave again and the police were called.

She did leave and the others all waited outside the house for the police to arrive.

Storer then came back, went inside the house and came back outside with a large kitchen knife. She was holding it above her head with the blade downwards as she ran at the victims.

She chased them up to 200m along the street. All three feared she was going to stab them, Mr Burdes said.

She was still holding the knife when the police arrived. Mr Burdes said: “At first she stated she only wanted to talk to the victims, but later admitted to wanting to kill the victims.”

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