Organised crime ring guilty pleas

A man charged with participating in an organised criminal group involved in burglaries, thefts, and fraud has admitted 23 charges in the Christchurch District Court.

Alexander James McCormick, 27, burgled properties across Christchurch in June and July 2017, and was caught by police in a motel unit in Ferry Road with a large amount of the stolen property.

The recovered property included laptops, cameras, building tools, and clothing, and more of it was found at other addresses and in a stolen car. Bank cards taken were used at service stations and retail outlets.

Two women have already pleaded guilty to being in the criminal group, Mere Aroha Morgan, 26, and Elise Van Dam, 27, and all three will be sentenced on July 18.

Three more men have pleaded not guilty to the charges, and are going through the Christchurch Court system separately.

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