Police oppose bail for alleged pursuit driver

A supporter in the public seating barked like a dog and another shouted Nazi Mongrel Mob salutes as an alleged police pursuit driver was remanded in custody overnight.

Police opposed bail for the 27-year-old man they allege drove at officers trying to lay road spikes across QEII Drive on Tuesday afternoon.

Aranui man Chad Ian Taylor was remanded to Thursday by Community Magistrate Leigh Langridge in the Christchurch District Court at an appearance by video-link today.

During the one-day remand, police will check an address where Taylor proposes to live if he is granted bail. He is expected to apply for bail at his appearance on Thursday.

Police allege the incident took place on the motorway near Marshland Road in Avondale, about 12.20pm, after a pursuit.

They say the Subaru Impreza car involved had been unlawfully taken and have also charged Taylor with reckless driving on QEII Drive, failing to stop for a police car using its lights and sirens while he was speeding, and driving while disqualified.

He is charged with assaulting a woman police officer by using a car as a weapon. Police said the officers deploying the road spikes were not injured.

Taylor has entered no pleas.

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