Custody remand after alleged police dog attack

No bail application was made for a 29-year old man charged with wounding a police dog in an overnight incident at Kaiapoi.

Christchurch District Court Judge Gary MacAskill remanded Joshua Luke Cooper, of Hornby, in custody to appear again on June 18.

Defence counsel Caitlin Gentleman said no bail application was being made at Cooper’s first appearance, but one may be made at his next court date.

Cooper entered no plea to the charge of intentionally wounding a police dog without lawful authority or reasonable excuse.

Police said the four-year-old dog Kosmo received a 4cm cut to the throat, narrowly missing his carotid artery, while responding to a family harm incident in Kaiapoi about 6.30pm on Thursday. He was flown by helicopter to a Christchurch 24-hour veterinary surgery where he received a blood transfusion from another police dog.

Today, Kosmo was transferred to a police veterinarian where he was being monitored and may undergo exploratory surgery to check for internal damage.

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