Pedestrian struck on footpath by drink-driver

A drink-driver who slammed into a man walking on the footpath in the central city may be ordered to pay emotional harm reparations for the injuries he caused.

Daniel Clifford Watson, a 27-year-old glazier from Belfast, pleaded guilty at the Christchurch District Court to charges of dangerous driving and drink-driving – he was more than four times the 250mcg of alcohol per litre breath-limit.

Judge Gary MacAskill remanded him on bail for sentencing on August 22, and ordered a pre-sentence report to consider his suitability for home or community detention.

He also sent the case for a possible restorative justice meeting between Watson and the man he injured, and ordered a reparation report on the victim’s financial losses and emotion harm, and Watson’s ability to pay for them.

Police said the accident happened at 11.26pm on May 5, when Watson was driving on Durham Street at about 84km an hour in a 30km an hour area.

He failed to take the corner of Cambridge Terrace and Gloucester Street because he was going so fast and drove onto the footpath, hitting the victim from behind.

The pedestrian received two broken legs, a broken pelvis, and a broken left arm.

A police breath test showed that Watson had a level of 1015 mcg of alcohol to a litre of breath. The legal limit is 250mcg.

When interviewed, he said he had hit someone “on the road”.

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