League streaker must pay $1130

A 21-year-old who says he streaked at last week’s rugby league match in Christchurch to win a trip, will have to pay $1130 in fines and costs.

Royce Wilbur Edwards, of Rolleston, today admitted the charge of behaving in a disorderly manner at the NRL match AMI Stadium on June 9, while the Warriors were playing Manley.

He appeared before Justice of the Peace and again apologised for the behaviour that disrupted the play while he ran naked and evaded security staff at the ground.

The police said the incident happened at 6.30pm when about 17,000 spectators were at the ground, including many families with young children.

They said he was visible to everyone as he took all his clothes off and ran onto the field naked, and stopped the match.

Edwards told the police he was trying to win a trip.

At court today, he said he “hadn’t had much (alcohol) really” at the time of his streak.

The JPs fined him $1000 – the maximum penalty – and ordered him to pay court costs of $130.

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