Big tax bill after four companies fail

Tax totalling $191,344 was left unpaid after four companies set up by a man with four aliases went into liquidation in 2016.

The man appeared in the Christchurch District Court under the name Anatalea Andrew Lafaitele, 52, of Northwood, to plead guilty to four charges involving a long list of periods when the tax was not paid.

Inland Revenue told the court he had “multiple aliases” – Andrew Joe Vaotuua, Jean Paul Francois, and Taliaoa Andrew Vatua.

Judge David Saunders remanded him on bail for sentencing on September 7. He asked for a pre-sentence report and an assessment for home detention.

Lafaitele admitted charges of aiding and abetting the companies to use tax payments for purposes other than payments to the Commissioner of Inland Revenue.

The companies were A1Treecorp Ltd, A1Heatcorp Ltd, and A1Telecorp Ltd which were placed into voluntary liquidation on January 29, 2016. A1Corp-Division was put into liquidation on the application of the commissioner on December 15, 2016.

Lafaitele was the sole director and shareholder of each company. The companies operated tree cutting and heat pump services in the Christchurch area.

The charges refer to PAYE deductions, Kiwisaver employee and employer deductions, child support deductions, student loan employer deductions, and superannuation contribution tax.

The total amount not paid to the commissioner was $215,554, but after late payments the amount was reduced to $191,344. Lafaitele was the registered director, and a signatory on the bank account for each company. He was responsible for PAYE payments.

He received four warnings from Inland Revenue about the non-payments of the tax, but the offending continued for 20 months after that, the department said.

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