Rooftop burglar admits Tannery raid

Rooftop burglar Craig Murray Shaw has admitted raiding $280,000 worth of jewellery from La Bu Jewellery, in The Tannery, in November.

Shaw, 43, climbed on the roof of The Tannery and entered the complex through a skylight during the night on November 25.

He smashed through a wall into the jewellery shop and took 2700 pieces of Turkish and Middle Eastern unique handmade sterling silver, and semi-precious stone, jewellery.

The rings, ear-rings, bracelets, and pendants were valued at $280,000, and Shaw did $2000 worth of damage to the complex.

Police say only 1,700 pieces have been found, valued at $176,000. They are seeking reparation of $104,000 for La Bu Jewellery, and $2000 for The Tannery.

Two other charges of burglary were withdrawn by police in the Christchurch District Court, and Judge Tony Couch remanded Shaw in custody for sentencing on October 18.


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