Woman told she was ‘not leaving alive’

After barricading them both in a bedroom, a man threatened to set a woman alight with petrol he had brought and slit her throat.

Paul Dumelow, 51, told his victim he was not leaving her bedroom alive, and she probably wasn’t going to either.

He admitted charges of kidnapping and threatening to kill the woman, and the aggravated burglary of her house.

At his Christchurch District Court appearance, he also pleaded guilty to a charge of the aggravated assault of a police officer at the address in Christchurch.

Crown prosecutor Pip Currie said Dumelow arrived at the woman’s address on February 11, 2017, and parked in the driveway. He grabbed a bag containing a hammer, cable ties, a craft knife, a plastic drink bottle filled with petrol, and a bottle of wine.

He kicked a side gate open and yelled at the victim,“I’ve come to finish this”.

He entered the house and demanded the woman go upstairs with him to her bedroom, and when she refused he grabbed her right upper arm, and forced her up the stairs. She yelled at her son to phone the police.

Dumelow pushed a large set of drawers over the door of the bedroom, preventing the woman from getting away and stopping anyone getting in to help.

He told the woman to stop crying and said, “I’ll pour petrol on you now and light you on fire”.

Dumelow got the knife from his bag and held it near her throat saying he was going to slit it, and started drinking from the bottle of wine.

He told the woman: “I’m ending this here, I’m not leaving this room alive and you’re probably not either”.

While Dumelow was getting items out of his bag the woman managed to call her sister on her cellphone and yelled for help. He grabbed the phone from her and smashed it with the hammer.

A police officer arrived and tried to open the bedroom door. He yelled at Dumelow to let him in, and could hear the victim screaming. He kicked the door and as it began to break apart he could see in the room.

The victim tried to climb out the bedroom window, but Dumelow moved towards her with the knife. She jumped over the bed and tried to move the drawers and gave enough access for the police officer to taser Dumelow who was attempting the hit him with the wine bottle.

Judge Raoul Neave remanded Dumelow in custody for sentencing on October 2, and referred the case for a possible restorative justice meeting.

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