Gasps in court as injured man appears on video-link

Gasps came from the public gallery as a man charged over a police pursuit that ended with a pile-up in Cranford Street appeared injured and bandaged on a video-link in the Christchurch District Court today.

“Holy sh–! What happened there?” a woman called out from the public seats as 37-year-old Dawson Reihana came on screen.

He had injuries and plasters on his face, and probably a black eye.

Community Magistrate Leigh Langridge asked if he had seen a doctor, and Reihana said he had seen one since he had been brought to the cells.

Reihana was the victim of a Mongrel Mob bashing and kidnapping in 2015, which went to trial in the High Court in Christchurch the following year and resulted in several mob members or associates being given long jail terms.

The police pursuit on Cranford Street took place in heavy traffic about 4pm. A patrol car blocked the vehicle and other police cars blocked it in behind. Three police vehicles were hit. Traffic was diverted as the damaged vehicles were cleared.

Police alleged that after the vehicle was stopped, the driver reached over his back seat before he was tasered.

Community Magistrate Langridge remanded Reihana in custody to tomorrow for the police to check a proposed bail address before he makes an application for release.

She noted that he had several supporters in the public gallery and urged them to support him to find a suitable bail address. She also invited Reihana to wave to the supporters before the video-link was shut down, and he gave them a smile and a wave.

He has entered no pleas to charges of driving while forbidden, failing to stop for the police, reckless driving on Barbadoes Street, failing to stop after a non-injury accident, assaulting a police sergeant and another person using a car as a weapon, resisting a police officer, and being found in unlawful possession of .22 rounds and knuckledusters in Cranford Street.

He has entered no pleas to any of the charges.

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