Bail refused for alleged chase driver

Bail was refused for a driver allegedly wedged and halted by police patrol vehicles in Cranford Street on Tuesday afternoon after a cross-city chase.

The 37-year-old man, Dawson Reihana, appeared in the Christchurch District Court on Wednesday and was remanded in custody overnight for an address to be checked for a bail application.

When he reappeared yesterday, defence counsel Anselm Williams said the address had been assessed as suitable but the police continued to oppose bail.

Judge Ruth heard submissions from Mr Williams and the police and then decided that bail would be refused and remanded Reihana in custody to appear by video-link on August 27.

Reihana has entered no plea on charges of driving while forbidden, failing to stop for the police, reckless driving on Barbadoes Street, failing to stop after a non-injury accident, assaulting a police sergeant and another person using a car as a weapon, resisting a police officer, and being found in unlawful possession of .22 rounds and knuckledusters in Cranford Street.

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