Elderly victim of intruder to be repaid soon

The elderly woman victim of Jolian Wayne Thomas King, who raided her purse after being allowed to come into her home to use her phone, should be repaid soon.

He committed that burglary while he was on bail for theft of Fitbits worth $596 from The Warehouse, and two charges relating to intrusions into a retirement home in Rose Street, Cashmere.

King was sentenced to five months’ home detention in the Christchurch District Court, with six months of post detention conditions, and full reparation to The Warehouse and $140 to the elderly woman he stole from.

Defence counsel Sunny Teki-Clark said King had been putting money aside in preparation for the sentencing and should be able to pay reparation in full within a week.

He said the offending had been motivated by King’s synthetic cannabis use. He had not been thinking clearly, and the theft from the woman had been “opportunistic”. He accepted that King’s offending had “a very unsavoury tone about it”.

King, a 43-year-old from Somerfield, had pleaded guilty to the four charges.

Judge Brian Callaghan imposed the home detention sentence, reducing the term for King’s guilty pleas. He described the rest home offending as “somewhat sinister”.

He also noted that King had offended while on bail, and a drug and alcohol assessment showed that use of synthetic drugs was at the root of his offending. He had a “sizeable” list of previous offences, but nothing in the recent past.

King’s intrusions prompted a warning from the police in April about rest home security.

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