‘My right as a car owner’

A boyracer recorded his two burn-outs lasting 19 and 26 seconds on his cellphone. Police were probably very pleased with the precise evidence he had gathered for them.

The driver later told police that it was his “right” to drive in spite of losing his licence.

The burn-outs get detailed mention in the police summary of facts against 17-year-old Travis Kirk Barron, who has now admitted 18 charges and faces sentencing in the Christchurch District Court on November 13. He is on bail.

Judge Tom Gilbert asked for an assessment of his suitability for home detention and referred the case for a possible restorative justice meeting between Barron and his victims.

Barron, said to be passionate about cars, has never been in trouble before but has now admitted a spree of offending over several months.

That involves nine driving charges, two intentional damage offences, four thefts including three petrol drive-offs, making a false statement to the police, two of dishonestly using a document, and failing to answer his District Court bail.

Several of the offences happened while he was on bail.

The first burn-out happened on Harper Avenue, Christchurch, at 1.10am on November 20, when an associate in the passenger seat used Barron’s cellphone to record the driving antics.

Barron accelerated heavily while the brakes were on, causing the rear wheels to spin. He performed two doughnuts before fishtailing. The burn-out lasted 19 seconds and caused a large cloud of smoke.

On December 29, he was suspended from driving for three months for excessive demerit points.

At 8.25pm on January 31, he recorded himself on his cellphone in Hasketts Road, Christchurch, spinning the wheels and performing another fishtail

“The burn-out lasted for 26 seconds and caused long black marks to be left on the road and a large cloud of smoke,” said police prosecutor Aja Trinder.

On February 2, 2018, Barron drove into a service station at Templeton, pumped $23.62 of petrol, and left without making any attempt to pay. When the police spoke to him, he stated, “Yip, that was me.”

There was another petrol theft in March, and three days later police clocked him speeding on the Southern Motorway and tried to stop him.

He sped away at more than 160km an hour, weaving around cars on Halswell Junction Road, and going onto a grass verge to pass cars waiting at a round-about. He drove at high speed through a red light at Shands Road.

Half an hour later he used his mobile phone to report his car stolen from Linwood. Police tracked his cellphone to Kirwee where they found the vehicle parked behind Barron’s father’s shed. About two hours later, Barron arrived and was arrested.

He said he was not sorry in the slightest about his driving and would flee again. He said he did not care how long he was disqualified for, and he would continue to drive as it was his right as a car owner.

In May, he was with a group which went into a New Brighton carpark and approached a parked vehicle. They smashed a window and took items worth $900 from the car before setting fire to clothes in the boot. The fire damaged the clothing and the boot.

In June, he obtained someone’s credit cards details and ordered clothing and shoes worth $505 online and had them delivered to his mother’s address.

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