Holiday home ‘clean-outs’ denied

A woman alleged to have “cleaned out” holiday homes after renting them has denied seven charges and elected jury trial.

Terangimarie O-Te-Arohuni Jury, 35, of Burnside, pleaded not guilty to the burglary charges and was remanded on electronically monitored bail to a Crown case review hearing on September 12.

She is one of two women charged with the burglaries. Jury also denies a charge of assaulting a police officer to get away after an alleged burglary in Sumner on June 6.

Police allege the holiday homes were booked on-line and were then stripped bare while they were being rented.

Jury was held in custody until her release on electronically monitored bail three weeks ago.

The other woman charged has also been released on bail and is due to appear in the Christchurch District Court on Thursday. She has entered no pleas.

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