Weapons, drugs charges admitted

A man who led police on a car chase a year ago has now pleaded guilty to a long list of drug, weapons, and driving charges in the Christchurch District Court.

On August 2, Andrew Garth Stewart, 39, sped off instead of remaining stopped for police on Gloucester Street, and was arrested later in New Brighton.

His car was found on abandoned on Riccarton Road, with an air pistol, ammunition, utensils for smoking methamphetamine, and a crossbow and arrow in it.

In January, Stewart was stopped again by police after members of the public were concerned he was drunk-driving. He spoke to police and identified himself, but when another police car arrived he took off, reaching speeds of up to 140km an hour, evading police.

In February, Stewart was arrested for breaching his bail. In his car police found a bullet, “ninja” throwing stars, and two glass pipes for methamphetamine.

While in the police station he dropped a small plastic bag, and two more were found on him. They contained .31 grams of methamphetamine.

In May police went to Stewart’s address to arrest an associate of his, and noticed Stewart was throwing items out his bedroom window.

They found three glass pipes, five bags of methamphetamine, and under a mattress in the house a sawn-off 12 gauge shotgun, and an air pistol.

Judge Raoul Neave remanded Stewart in custody for sentencing on 14 charges on September 21.


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