Suppression appeal filed in racing case

Appeal papers have been filed for a 30-year-old Christchurch man fighting to keep his name suppressed after his arrest as part of the police’s Operation Inca horse racing drugs investigation.

The man was refused suppression by Christchurch District Court Judge Tony Couch when he first appeared in court on Wednesday.

However, defence counsel Andrew McCormick immediately signalled an appeal to the High Court and Judge Couch extended the order to give time for the papers to be filed and then for the hearing.

He gave Mr McCormick until 4pm on Friday to file the appeal, and that has now been done. No date has been set for the hearing of the appeal.

Suppression already applies to the nature of the charges the man faces, but the judge said general details could be reported. They relate to supplying, conspiring, and offering to supply a class B controlled drug, and possession of a restricted weapon.

The man has been remanded on bail to September 26, without plea.

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