Counselling continues for teen who admitted ‘terror’ plans

Instruction visits to mosques will continue for months for a Christchurch teen who admitted plotting an ISIS-style terrorist attack last year.

The 18-year-old is doing “exceptionally well” according to the Community Probation Service which is monitoring his progress at supported accommodation where he is doing a two-year supervision sentence.

Christchurch District Court Judge Stephen O’Driscoll, who sentenced him February, has been monitoring his progress at monthly court sessions.

However, those involved say progress has been so good that the sessions were today made two-monthly and the youth – who has name suppression – will not return to court until November.

Questioned by the judge, the youth said he was not doing any sport apart from walks. An earlier session was told he had played a round of golf.

He has been studying for his NCEA and has now got 20 credits, and he has been making regular mosque visits for instruction and counselling as part of his supervision.

Probation told Judge O’Driscoll that a report to the court incorrectly referred to those visits ending next month, but in fact another 10 visits had been scheduled.

Judge O’Driscoll told the youth: “You are making really good progress. I’m happy with that.”

After being radicalised online, the youth had planned to drive a car into a group of people and then stab people until the police killed him. A violent incident did occur, in which there was damage and threats, but no-one was hurt.

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