Siblings agree to pay for parking building damage

An Aranui brother and sister who damaged a barrier arm and ticket dispenser in a Wilson’s Car Park have been told they need to learn to control their tempers.

They were convicted and ordered to pay reparation of $1514.75 each for the damage they did.

The siblings were in the car parking building in Hereford Street on August 24, and when the barrier arm would not rise 26-year-old Roi Wilson phoned the call centre and abused the call taker. When he rang again he was told he would have to apologise for his language and behaviour to the previous call taker.

His sister, Akoia Atarangikahu Wilson, 33, broke the barrier arm off its bracket, and Roi Wilson punched the ticket dispenser breaking the front panel.

In the Christchurch District Court Community Magistrate Leigh Langridge said the two had agreed to a restorative justice meeting, but the police had made several unsuccessful attempts to reach the parking company, and it was decided to go ahead with the sentencing today anyway.

She said it appeared to be out of character for the siblings to react this way, and that they both needed to learn how to control their tempers.

They were convicted, and both agreed to pay the reparation.