Remands on synthetic drugs charges

A woman charged with possession of synthetic drugs for supply – arrested last week amid police concerns about the toxic effects of the drug – has been refused bail at the Christchurch District Court.

The 21-year-old Phillipstown woman, Lani Hawkins, was remanded in custody to October 11 to enter a plea on the charge, after a bail hearing before Judge Brian Callaghan.

After making three arrests last week, police said they had raided two addresses on Thursday afternoon and evening and were concerned to find unconscious or nearly unconscious in the area, who they believed had used synthetic drugs.

Hawkins is charged with possession of a non-approved psychoactive substance, with intent to supply it, on October 4 – last Thursday.

A second person arrested in the same raids, 25-year-old Tyjhan Hawkins, appeared in court for the first time on Wednesday, charged with possession of a non-approved psychoactive substance and resisting a constable.

He was granted a registrar’s remand, without having to appear before a judge in court, to appear again on October 30. He is on bail.

A third person will make a remand appearance on Thursday on charges of supplying synthetic drugs and failing to assist the police with a search under the Search and Surveillance Act.

That charge usually refers to failing to provide passwords for cell phones or computers the police want to examine.