Home detention allowed for dairy robbery

Home detention was allowed for a 21-year-old who admitted being in a group that used a knife to rob the dairy at Springston.

Harrison Blackburn, a sales person, will serve 10 months’ home detention at an address in St Albans, after his sentencing on the aggravated robbery charge in the Christchurch District Court.

He had admitted the robbery which took place at 6pm on June 30, when the police say four men went to the dairy after discussing robbing it of cigarettes and cash.

One was a look-out, one a driver, and two went into the dairy wearing disguises with one holding a small folding knife.

The lone woman working in the shop realised what was happening and stepped away from the counter while the two men filled bags with 17 pouches of tobacco worth about $1150. Apart from presenting the knife, no threats were made, and the robbery was over in 45 seconds.

Police found the four next and all were jointly charged with the robbery.

The other men are being dealt with separately.