MAFS bride admits drink-driving

Reality tv contestant Ottie Schwartz resisted any extra publicity when she was fined and disqualified for a drink-driving charge in the Christchurch District Court today.

Through her lawyer Linda Drummond, the 32-year-old objected to a media application to photograph her as she stood in the dock.

Media have to get permission from the court before they are allowed to take photographs inside a courtroom.

Miss Drummond argued there was no public interest in additional photographs being taken and published of Schwartz, who has appeared in the series Married at First Sight.

She described the photography as “additional punishment” because of something she had been involved in for a brief period “in her private life”.

Community Magistrate Simon Heale decided to allow The Press photographer to take one photograph. He said: “The public really are the group that indicate what is in the public interest.”

Schwartz was caught drink-driving on October 28, on Avalon Street where she lives in the Christchurch suburb of Richmond, with a level of 473mcg of alcohol to a litre of breath.

The limit for a traffic offence is 250mcg, and levels above 400mcg lead to prosecution in court.

Miss Drummond said Schwartz was remorseful and had always acknowledged she made an error. “She describes herself as a person who owns her mistakes,” she said.

The magistrate disqualified Schwartz from driving for six months and fined her $400.