Community work for mother’s prison smuggling bid

File image. © Andrew Bardwell

A Tuahiwi mother-of-three will spend months doing her community work after her failed attempt to smuggle contraband into Christchurch Men’s Prison inside her underwear.

Horiana Tearamatanga Falwasser, 24, told police she would have been paid $100 for delivering the two packages tightly bound in black and red electrical tape to an inmate.

They were found hidden in her underpants during a routine search on August 9 as she entered the prison to visit an inmate.

The packages contained 40 Tramadol tablets, 150g of tobacco and papers, two micro cell phones, and a charger.

Falwasser said they had been prepared for her by someone else and she thought they contained tobacco. She admitted the breach of the Corrections Act last month, as well as charges of stealing tools from a tradesman’s vehicle at Sumner, and failing to come to court on bail.

When she pleaded guilty, the judge referred the case for a possible restorative justice meeting with the tradie, but that meeting never happened.

At Falwasser’s Christchurch District Court sentencing, defence counsel Emma Nicol said the woman had not been able to be contacted because he cell phone had been stolen and she had a different number.

“That’s just weak as an excuse, I’m sorry to say,” said Judge David Saunders. “She’s swinging the lead.” If Falwasser had been serious about restorative justice, she would have made contact.

She had also been offered diversion for some of the offending but had failed to come up with the reparation payment.

Miss Nicol said Falwasser had earlier failed to attend court because she lived at Tuahiwi and had been unable to get into the city. She had now applied for a part time job and could do community work and pay reparations by December 31.

Judge Saunders noted that Falwasser had no previous convictions. He sentenced her to a total of 100 hours of community work and ordered her to pay her $80 share of the reparatations for the vehicle break-in.

She had been the driver for the group of four who smashed a window to break into the vehicle parked in the street at Sumner about 7.20am on April 16. Tools worth $4000 were stolen but they had been recovered.