220kmh motorcyclist wants to keep his licence

A motorcyclist who admits posting a YouTube video of his 220km-an-hour ride on Banks Peninsula will try to avoid a term of disqualification from driving.

Dane Allan Montgomery, a 33-year-old painter from Spreydon, told police that he “just got a bit carried away, I guess” with his test ride on his new motorcycle.

He pleaded guilty at the Christchurch District Court today, before Community Magistrate Simon Heale, who remanded him on bail for a hearing on January 21.

Defence counsel Jessica Bibby explained that Montgomery was applying under a section of the Land Transport Act to have a community-based sentence imposed instead of disqualification from driving.

Community Magistrate Heale set dates for the submissions for that hearing, but also asked how many demerit points Montgomery would receive for such a high speed. The speed was actually off the chart for demerits – for going that fast a court appearance would always be required.

Montgomery admitted charges of driving at a dangerous speed and giving false or misleading information to the police.

The police said that about August 24, Montgomery was the driver of his 919cc Honda motorcycle on the Governors Bay-Teddington Road at Teddington when he rode at up to 220km an hour. The speeding took place between Gebbies Pass Road and Bamford Road.

Police received a public complaint after a video of the riding was published on YouTube by Montgomery.

The road is a two-lane road with a 100km-an-hour speed limit.

Police served Mongomery with a request under the Land Transport Act to say who the rider was at the time of the speeding.

On September 11, Montgomery told the police he was not the rider. He said it could have been one of several friends riding his bike, and he was unable to name who the rider was.

After more police inquiries, Montgomery admitted he was the rider. He told police: “I saw there was no-one there. There was no other traffic on the road. I know there’s no hidden driveways or intersections. I just got a bit carried away, I guess.”

The caption on the YouTube video included the comment: “Nice Saturday cruising around the bays while avoiding idiot road users lol.”