Driving ban for ‘pride’ over fast ride

A motorcyclist who posted a video of his 220km-an-hour ride on YouTube was sentenced to a fine and disqualification for his “blatant pride in his riding”.

Community Magistrate Sally O’Brien told Dane Allan Montgomery, 33, that his application for a community based sentence instead of disqualification was declined, and it had also been opposed by police.

She said Montgomery had been recorded passing on a yellow line and riding at over twice the permitted speed limit.

“Your action was blatant, not a momentary slip of the accelerator, and then you advertised your speed and your riding on YouTube because you were proud of the speed and your motorbike”, she said.

Montgomery, a painter from Spreydon, had five disqualification sentences in the last 15 years, and told police that he “just got a bit carried away, I guess” when he went for a test drive on his new bike on Governors Bay-Teddington Road on August 24.

As well as a charge of driving at a dangerous speed, Montgomery was also charged with giving false information to police when he denied being the rider on the 919cc Honda motorcycle on August 24. He admitted both charges last month.

Defence counsel Jessica Bibby said Montgomery had sold the bike, and was at a low risk of re-offending.

Community Magistrate O’Brien said Montgomery’s actions were very concerning behaviour and disqualified him from driving for eight months and fined him $1150.