Man admits secret toilet videos

A Wigram man secretly videoed men at a Christchurch firm urinating and then noted in his computer whether they had been circumcised.

Bryan Gibbs Eder, 37, was found with close up footage of four men going to the toilet.

In the Christchurch District Court today, he admitted 14 charges of intentionally making an intimate visual recording and Judge Tony Couch remanded him on bail for sentencing on May 10.

The judge asked for a pre-sentence report that will assess his suitability for home or community detention.

He also referred the case for possible restorative justice meetings where Eder would have the chance to apologise to his victims.

Police said he had no previous criminal history.

Eder bought several small, black covert cameras which are designed to resemble a key-fob vehicle alarm remote. They store images on an SD card.

Over years, he placed the cameras under the cistern in a firm’s toilet, with white tape to disguise the camera.

The police said: “Due to the short recording time on each SD card, the defendant replaced the cameras throughout the day, increasing the amount of people who were recorded.”

He positioned the camera to record the men taking out their penises and urinating.

At the end of each day, Eder took the cameras home and uploaded the footage to personal hard drives at his home.

The victim’s faces are not visible but Eder was able to identify each victim by the clothing they were wearing each day. He set up electronic folders for each victim on the hard drive.

A year ago, an employee noticed a small flashing night coming from beneath the cistern and told a woman colleague because he believed it was a camera. The woman removed the camera, placed it nearby, and went to tell the branch manager.

Eder became aware that the camera had been located, picked it up, removed the SD memory card, and threw the camera in a rubbish bin. He threw away the card, which has never been found.

Police conducted digital forensic analysis of his hard drives and found that he had numerous folders set up with the victims’ names, dates of birth, and whether or not they had been circumcised.

The folders contained 14 videos of the victims entering a toilet and urinating. They show the victims’ penises close up. The offending referred to in the charges took place over about 14 months.