Suppressions continue on racing investigation charges

Suppressions surround further appearances by four defendants arrested last year as part of the Operation Inca race-fixing investigation, including two who are discussing possible diversion.

The investigation swept up 13 people, some on race fixing allegations and some facing other types of charges.

Most have already pleaded not guilty and been remanded to a case review hearing on March 25. All are on bail.

Four appeared before Judge Raoul Neave in the Christchurch District Court today.

One charge against one defendant was withdrawn, and two cases were remanded to March 25 while the defendants and their lawyers discuss possible diversion with the police.

Under the diversion scheme, a first-time offender can avoid a conviction by writing apologies and making amends in some way agreed with the police.

One defendant pleaded not guilty to four charges and another denied five. Both elected trial by jury, and were remanded to the case review on March 25.

Suppressions in each case applied to the names of those charged, or the nature of the charges. Judge Neave continued existing orders in each case.

All 13 of the defendants are due to appear at the case review, and several are also awaiting name suppression appeal hearings in the High Court in February.